mg游戏 uses the best of the high-tech solutions to bring extraordinary sophistication to the usual digital service。" name="description"/>


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Connectivity, mobility, intelligent solutions and emotional experiences

High-end level of car connectivity: "Mercedes Me," Daimler's newest service brand, bundles existing diversified digital services with new onesMobility and connection performance - Available on smartphones, tablets and desktops。mg游戏 uses the best of the high-tech solutions to bring extraordinary sophistication to the usual digital service。

Project introduction

"Mercedes Me" is accesspersonalized, independent and exclusive access to the Mercedes-Benz world。It has connectivity and flexibility, intelligent solutions and emotional experiences。 mg游戏 has been on this project since day oneMajor Partners: from the initial proof-of-concept to the engineering of business requirements, to the actual development execution, and roll-out in many countries, especially the custom approach for China。

Since 2012, we have been involved in developing the use of this platform and managing all existing and new Mercedes-Benz connected services, tooInform, enlighten and entertainCustomers and interested parties。The main goal is to increase customer loyalty and acquire new customers。

The project story

An extremely complex task: mg游戏's diverse team of experts initially developed the strategy and then made the necessary connections to deliver a variety of differentPlatforms, content, applications and systems。 "Mercedes Me" plays oneOrganized and challengingProject: one client, several agencies, many stakeholders, project participants and lots of coordination。 在此On a large scalemg游戏 was able to contribute its specific capabilities in collaboration with other institutions, with over 40 employees in Germany and China。The result is a comprehensive, digital performance portfolio: a comprehensive "Mercedes Me "responsive web design with a Mercedes-Benz interface for all connected cars。

It turned out to be aComprehensive, digital performance combination: Mercedes-Benz interface for all connected vehicles fully launched "Mercedes Me "responsive web design。

In addition to content with purely informational characteristics, end users (who focus on the platform) expect unique advantages in terms of security, time savings, and comfort。Useful apps and helpful tips help users stay in control without leaving their comfort zoneModern mobile travelDaily challenges。


Mercedes Me has created one for Mercedes driversSignificant added value。The platform is a communication interface: manufacturers and users maintain a quick and easy connection。The user with his vehicle has a ubiquitous service。

Although the platform is still Daimler "One Network" strategyPart of "Mercedes Me" in China is evolving into a localized customer experience that caters to Chinese customers' offline and online needs。With a specific focus on social integration and e-commerce, it has set a benchmark for other automotive brands in integrated digital services。